One of the cool things that this book writing project has caused is that there is a WordPress pluggin for writing interlinear glosses! What are those? It’s best to show you: “I might kill you.” This will let me teach Sindarin syntax much more effectively! This is just one of many cool updates that will […]

Since so many of the next semester’s registration list are returning students, I decided to have them on a separate list. This means that if you’re a former student, you can re-register without worrying about taking the chance to start the class from someone else, or ending up on a waiting list. And, for the […]

In one week, we’ll been switching over to a new PM system for turning in homework. The one installed right now is no longer being updated, and therefore is getting more and more buggy. So, Saturday next week, I’ll be installing a new system. This means that all messages, uploads, and conversations on the old […]

Well, that didn’t take long. View the registration list and the waiting list here: Student Roster If you aren’t sure you’ll have time to take the class this fall – please withdraw now! There is already a fast growing list of people who are waiting for a chance to take the class. If you’re on […]

Registration opened today! It closes August 29th. Your first homework assignment will be due September 5th. To check your status, go to the Student Roster. And already, there is only one new spot open for the fall semester. Extra people who sign up will be put on the waiting list. Remember – if you find […]

Tomorrow, registration reopens! This week was chapter 5.2! What a difficult one to end the semester on! Many people are still finishing it – don’t worry, finish away. If you fell behind, now is your chance to catch up! I’d like everyone to be done with chapter 5.2 before September 5th, when chapter 5.3 will […]

This week is Chapter 5.1. Most of the students are now graduated to being Intermediate students (you can see if you’re on the list here)! This lesson, most people had a pretty easy time with the plural forms. The ones that caused some confusion was the Archaic versus later Sindarin words. I need to work […]

Only a handful of people have attempted chapter 4.2, but most have opted out. That’s my fault, as I fell behind in homework correcting and that meant people were rushed this week. Very, very few errors. The errors that I’ve found were more like simple spelling errors or typos. A question that I’ve gotten a […]

No one else dropped out this week! Chapter 4.1 is quite simple, and a good chance for people to review old material. This assignment took people longer than other assignments, but there were a lot fewer errors in it, even though the translations were quite complex. I think it’s because the translations were in context. […]